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 Missouri Fine Arts AcademyMissouri Fine Arts Academy Faculty/Staff Exhibition

The Missouri Fine Arts Academy (MFAA) is a three-week summer residential program for highly motivated student artists in visual arts, theater, dance, creative writing, and music. The visual arts faculty and staff are active artists in their respective fields. This exhibition provides an educational opportunity to show the academy students the faculty and staff’s professional practice. The faculty and staff are all local artists and designers to the Springfield area, ranging in professions of university professors, public school teachers, and university students.

by Batsheba Castro Martinez

by Megan Frauenhoffer

by Judge Bockman

May 30 - June 5, 2017

First Friday Art Walk Reception: 6-9pm, June 2

 MSU Department of Art+Design(Enter)Active: A New Media Exhibition

Join us for the First Friday Art Walk reception of the Missouri State University Electronic Arts program's interactive thesis projects.



A meditative interactive audio/visual installation exploring the 7 chakras. (Raymond G McCord & James Styron)

Final Funtier

Final Funtier

An interactive comic book where friendship triumphs over evil. (Colin Baker, Peter Batemon, Dan Ingberg, Alex Marie Fina Mullins, & Nicholas Nutting)


An audio only endless runner. The user listens for predetermined sounds that indicate an obstacle and reacts by either jumping over or ducking under the obstacle. (Peter Batemon)

Additional works of code-based art will also be on display.

May 30 - June 5, 2017

First Friday Art Walk Reception: 6-9pm, June 2