All installations are the responsibility of the exhibitor and must meet the American Disabilities Act requirements. A department faculty member or individual must supervise and be present for the installation and removal of the exhibit. Installation equipment and display pedestals/cases owned by the SEC are available for your use. These pedestals/cases or other equipment are not to leave the Center for any reason. Please provide a list of display pedestals needed one week before the opening. If you require other equipment or supplies, they should be provided by the person(s) installing the work. Deadline for completion of installation is 5:00 P.M. the day before the exhibit opens.

It is the responsibility of the artist to display the work. Each exhibitor must submit a completed Artist Information Form and it must be in the Director's office no later than two (2) weeks before the exhibit opens. Each artist is also required to sign an Exhibitor Waiver Form, which is also due two (2) weeks before the exhibit opens. Turn this form in to the Director along with your label information form. You are encouraged to have your labels provided by the Student Exhibition Center. If you are providing your own labels, please follow the format of the installation guidelines.

  • Easy Peel labels — minimum size 1" x 2 5/8"
  • Work may not be removed from the SEC before the final date of the exhibition unless prior arrangements are made with the Director.
  • Responsible parties will be asked to pick up their work and make repairs by 5:00 P.M. the day following the final day of the exhibit.
  • The repair of any damages to the SEC as a result of faulty installation will be the responsibility of the person(s) installing the work.
  • Students will be encumbered until the Director approves repair is done satisfactorily.
  • If students are to pick up their own work at the SEC, please inform the Director. Valid identification will be required before the work is released.

The SEC reserves the right to move unclaimed art from the exhibit area to a storage area. Art not picked up within ten days of the close of an exhibit is subject to a storage fee assessed at the rate of $ 1.00 per day on each piece stored. Fees must be paid before receiving the art. Work left after 60 days will become the property of the SEC.


The following are generally accepted guidelines for installation of art exhibits. Museums and galleries use these as a standard format for displaying art. The Americans with Disabilities Act, Section 504, has certain requirements that must be met. The criteria must be followed when installing art in the Student Exhibition Center. The information below lists ADA Requirements in bold type.

Two-Dimensional Work:

  • Vertical center of piece is 54”.
  • Small pieces, such as photography, can be stacked in groupings, with the center of the group 54" from the floor.

Three-Dimensional Work:

  • Installation must allow wheel chair access with a minimum of 36” around object and in traffic pathways.
  • Display pedestals and cases should not exceed 36" to top of the case. (Transparent enclosures may be above 36" limitations.)
  • Work must be installed securely to avoid damage to work and to avoid injury liability.


  • Bottom of label must not exceed 44” from the floor.
  • Minimum dimensions for labels is 1” x 2 5/8”, preferred maximum is 3 1/2” x 5 1/2".
  • Labels must be Easy Peel and displayed on adjacent wall or on outside of base pedestal.

Additional Installation Policies

The following practices are required when installing exhibits. Please follow these guidelines and ask questions if you don't understand any part of them.

  • The canister lights on the ceiling can be moved to provide the correct lighting for your art. If you don't need to use all of them, please leave the canister in place and unscrew the bulb until the light goes out. Please use only the canisters in the track. Adding more lights to the track causes an overload on the breaker, which in turn causes the all the lights on that track to go out.
  • When installing and dismantling the exhibit, please make sure the Center is left in a neat condition.
  • Please return equipment to the place it was found, pick up trash, and remove your personal belongings.
  • Pedestals and vitrines should be returned to the third floor.
  • If you have moved portable wall panels, please put them back in the place they were originally found.
  • Check with the Director before putting any nails or screws in the ceiling.
  • Please DO NOT use any nails or screws in any of the woodwork.
  • Glass is stored on the third floor and is sorted by size. Please return it to appropriate slot on the third floor when finished.
  • NO broken glass is allowed in the gallery trash cans, instead place broken glass in the large trash can on the third floor. This receptacle is located in the room where the glass is stored.
  • DO NOT USE spray adhesives or spray paint inside the gallery.
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK in the gallery areas during installation.
  • Do not use double-sided tape on any surface. Use only the tape provided by the Center.
  • DO NOT use the tables as cutting surfaces.
  • The SEC has two old tables for use in assembling frames or other material. These are stored on the third floor. Please put them away when you are finished with them.