Use of the Exhibition Center

There are no fees to use the facility, however exhibitors may be expected to cover the costs of publicity, food services associated with the event and staff wages for extended exhibition hours, if needed. The Student Exhibition Center requires that a faculty member or official sponsor supervise all exhibits and events held at the facility. A member of the SEC staff must be present for all functions and installations. The supervisor is expected to be present while the function, installation and removal is in progress. This does not include normal operating hours while the exhibit is open for public viewing. For events planned outside normal operating hours, permission of the SEC Director is required. Further, such an event will require the sponsoring unit to pay the student wages in order to have a SEC employee present.

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Scheduling Exhibitions & Art Shows

Learn more about the exhibition proposal process, guidelines and supplies available at the Student Exhibition Center.

Scheduling Other Events

Depending on the availability of space, group meetings and other small events may be scheduled at the Student Exhibition Center.